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Times have changed but your love remains the same, at alle' Fine Jewelry's Anniversary Sale and Collection. Savings up to 30% - 50% off, Free Gift Box, and Free Fed-Ex Delivery now thru 06-14-07.

allé Fine Jewelry was founded in 1996 by former Home Shopping Network and Mercantile Stores Company executives who brought 25 years of retailing and jewelry merchandising expertise to the Internet. allé Fine Jewelry was the first large dedicated jewelry store on AOL, CompuServe and MSN and pioneered the "manufacturer direct" business in the jewelry category. We are also an merchant partner. Leveraging our years of relationships with the largest and finest jewelry manufacturers in the world, the Company management was able to form strong alliances with these manufacturers that allowed for direct shipment to our customers with blazingly fast order fulfillment of the highest quality fine jewelry available. These alliances means that we have access to the full inventories of these large manufacturers which in turn means that we can offer you an enormous selection of fine jewelry that is constantly being updated with the latest styles. This manufacturer direct structure also means that you will realize tremendous savings since our company has little of the overhead experienced by traditional jewelry retailers.
Utilizing the finest digital photography, we try to present each beautiful jewelry piece in a manner that allows you to evaluate your purchase in a pleasing display. From that picture you can see the piece in full detail, as well as see the provided information about the piece so that you can, in a fully informed way, evaluate your purchase.





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