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Green Polka Dot Box

  Green PolkaDot Box

People are becoming aware of the health benefits of eating a diet of natural and organic foods. The high cost and scarcity of these foods put such a diet somewhere between difficult and impossible.

Green PolkaDot Box can help. Don't have an organic food store or farmer's market in your city? Can't afford the high price of natural, non-GMO foods? The Green Polka Box is for you.

The Green PolkaDot Box sells natural and organic, non-GMO foods at wholesale prices, and delivers them directly to your doorstep. They carry hundreds of your favorite brands, and we even offer fresh meat and dairy products. They offer a lowest price guarantee on all the items in their inventory, and free shipping on orders over $75.

You can take a look around the store, and see what you think. If you're pleased with what you find, an annual fee of 50.00 is all it takes.Then you can have access to our fantastic prices and service all year long.


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