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Now that gas prices are so high it's time to get a fuel efficient car. This could be the best thing to come along. If your in the market for a small fuel effecient car here it is :


Introducing SMART, the car that redefines mobility. ZAP is proud to soon offer one of the most fuel-efficient, gas-powered cars on the planet. This new 60 Mile Per Gallon City Coupe has been designed as the car of the future with many "smart" features that address today's crowded urban traffic and rising energy prices. Don't be fooled by its charming, futuristic look, the SMART will surprise you with its handling, its stylish, roomy interior for 2 passengers, and its innovative design. After taking Europe by storm, ZAP is bringing the Americanized version that is a U.S. Compliant direct import automobile.

40-70-Miles Per Gallon
Performance Handling
Spacious Interior for Two
Exchangeable Body Panels
SMART-Safe Construction
Automatic Transmission

60-hp, 3-cylinder, rear-mounted turbo engine
sequential 6-speed transmission
automatic or manual mode selectable
60 Miles Per Gallon, Unleaded Gasoline
Tank Capacity: 8.7 gallons

Weight: 1588 lbs
Length: 8'2.5"
Width: 4'11.5"
Height: 5'

DOT Approval VCP-27

Smart is manufactured and marketed in Europe by an unaffiliated party and made US/CA compliant by DMC.
Anti-Lock Braking
Rack and pinion Steering
Exchangeable Body Panels
Power Windows
Power doorlocks

Air Conditioning with Exterior Temp
Indicator and Frost Warning
Alloy Wheels
Power Steering

SAFETY/SECURITY See why SMART is so safe
Tridion Hemispherical, Safety Shell, Steel
Driver and Passenger Airbags
Electronic Stabilization Program (ESP)
Skid Control
Anti-Lock Braking System
Reinforced Construction
Raised Seat Position for Enhanced Visibility
Remote Central Locking





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