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Free Sports Catalogs

Free Sports Catalogs

  • Seachange Technology Shark Shield Freedom 7 Shark Repellent FREEDOM7
  • The Shark Shield FREEDOM7 is a compact,versatile and light weight personal shark deterrent system
  • It is the preferred product for scuba divers. It's designed for all water sports.
  • Effective range is about 8 meters in diameter
  • Full Warranty - House of Scuba is an authorized dealer

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Kahuna Creations is the land paddling industry leader. Created to pay tribute to the ancient Hawaiian board riders, Kahuna Creations combines the growing sport of SUP paddleboarding with the ease of longboarding. Our longboards are master crafted to give you the best longboard and land paddling experience. Kahuna Creations artisans weave that Hawaiian Spirit throughout the product line.

Atlanta Cutlery Corporation

Land Paddling™ was invented by Kahuna Creations in 2006 with the release of the Kahuna Big Stick™. Not only has land paddling become the go-to cross trainer for paddleboarding, it has evolved into the ultimate in fun and fitness product that everyone can enjoy.

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